If you already have a copy of the key, we are able to make a duplicate by using the original as a reference.


We sell and program our staff in addition, our clients have the option to bring their own keys and remotes to be programmed.


We sell the ignition and the parts to be able to do rekeying ignitions in addition, our clients can bring in their ignitions or cylinders to be rekeyed.


If you have locked your car with the keys inside, we are able to open it within Santa Clarita and Palmdale.


If the client has lost all keys to the vehicle we can cut and program a new brand set.


Our computers are capable of scanning the vehicle’s systems to identify potential codes a mechanic can use to perform repairs.


Our computers also have the capability to synchronize computers. Customers are welcome to bring in computers they have bought elsewhere.


All services performed within our shop are also out in the house, office or work area within an additional cost.


Your total satisfaction is better important for us.


Judith S
Judith S
I normally don’t write reviews unless I have a real good positive experience . Luis was very nice , helpful, and punctual . I called to ask for a quote since I lost my only key I had an the dealership wanted to charge me almost 500 dollars . He gave me a real good price and even said he can come do it same day. I appreciated the service he provided and so glad I called him. He drove to my place and did everything quickly and explained what he was doing. If your looking for a place look no further this guy is the person to call!
Emilie Germain
Emilie Germain
I had such a wonderful experience this morning. I showed up with my very active 5 yo twin boys and was greeted with absolute kindness, understanding and professionalism. We were offered to feed the fish in the tank while we waited, which my boys enjoyed so much. The service was fast and on point. My car was even moved closer for me. If I could leave more stars, I would!
Mabel Patel
Mabel Patel
I lost a key to a rooftop Yakima car rack. Two of the locks were locked, two were open, and I was able to extract the "core" tumbler, and had a Yakima key, but it wouldn't turn the lock. They took the tumbler and key, and modified it so it would open the other cores, in less than 10 minutes. I could have ordered a spare from Yakima\Amazon, but they got it done immediately, and for about the same price.
I had an issue with my key and they picked up the phone right away. Immediately, John was super respectful and HONEST. I value honesty more than anything in business, especially in the automotive world where everyone tries to take advantage of you. His advice saved me $200. I look forward to recommending this place.
Very friendly. I was in and out in a few minutes with my newly cut key. Anytime I need anything key related I’ll be going back for sure.
Barbara Plasschaert
Barbara Plasschaert
Beautiful and immaculate office, friendly and professional service, and excellent work and prices. I highly recommend them.


Automotive Key
Based on 114 Reviews
Lew K.
Lew K.
2022-04-18 16:35:27
I am very impressed with this business. Their customer service and quality of work is excellent. I contacted John and he gave me a very fair quote for the... read more
Paul C.
Paul C.
2022-04-08 10:19:21
Found this place using google. Great service and the best deal i have gotten compared to taking it to the dealer. you wont be disappointed! read more
Marguerite S.
Marguerite S.
2022-04-07 13:42:34
Such a sweet family, called and spoke to John and the price to program a new key and remote to my car was only $165. They're for-sure the lowest price... read more
Brandon G.
Brandon G.
2021-12-31 10:10:40
Brought my Lexus RX in after only receiving one key fob from the dealer. Automotive Key has all the technology needed and handled it with no issues. 30 min... read more
Richard Y.
Richard Y.
2021-06-30 14:12:32
I needed a key for a Lexus. I called the The Lexus dealer and they wanted $450. It took 5 minutes and 4 transfers to find this out.I called this number... read more
Herb W.
Herb W.
2021-04-29 13:49:28
If you go anywhere but here for service, your wasting $$$My Dodge key fob was failing miserably. I made an appointment to have it replaced. I was greeted... read more


Automotive Key is the definition of the American Dream.
Ever since Miguel Vega, the company’s owner, was a young man he dreamt of providing his family with everything they could need or want. Seeing that the grass was greener in the US, he took a leap of faith bringing only who he was along with his beloved wife, Fatima.

As the years have gone by, their lives have taken a turn for the better after welcoming their two sons, Hyrum and John. Both young men have enjoyed their time working alongside family.

Since 2016 Automotive Key has been dedicated to providing an honest and transparent service for our community. We do this by making sure every person that walks through our door leaves with the confidence that our keys will work 100% of the time.


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